4-28-2020 Mayor Tomson Announces Task Force to Reopen Hillsborough

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Mayor Tomson Announces Task Force to Reopen Hillsborough


Mayor Doug Tomson announced that he has assembled a Task Force to Reopen Hillsborough Township once the time comes when stay at home orders are lifted.


“We have been operating under the Governor’s stay at home Executive Order since March 21st, and although it appears it will remain in effect for the foreseeable future, I am assembling a Task Force to be in place to Reopen Hillsborough when the time comes.  I looked to the various expertise in functional areas including health, public safety and business,” stated Mayor Doug Tomson.  


“As we have said, Hillsborough Municipal Services have been operational since the onset of the pandemic, despite the building being closed to the public, this task force will be charged with assisting in the rollout of physically opening the building to the public as well as the rest of the community, including our schools, the library and our businesses,” added Mayor Tomson.


The individuals selected to be on the task force include:  

Office of Emergency Management Director John Sheridan

Health Officer Siobhan Spano

Chief of Police Mike McMahon

Deputy Mayor Shawn Lipani

Committeeman Frank DelCore

Administrator Anthony Ferrera

Township Clerk, PIO Pamela Borek

Business Advocate David Kois

Economic & Business Development Commission Chair Charles Ruggieri

Economic & Business Development Commission Member Janine Erickson

School Superintendent Dr. Lisa Antunes


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