Mayor Tomson's Statement Regarding Public Access to Municipal Building

Hillsborough Township remains committed to the health and safety of our residents, employees and the general public.  Throughout the current health emergency and in compliance  with Executive Order 107, starting May 18, 2020 if a member of the public needs to gain access to a specific department at the Municipal Building for a critical need there are measures that have been put in place to allow for that access.  There will be a questionnaire that will be completed over the phone to determine the need and if the matter cannot be resolved via email, the website or some other non-contact method.  If it is deemed necessary, by the Department Head that physical access is the only solution, the request will be made to the Administrator.  If approved by the Administrator, a date and time will be mutually agreed upon and the appointment will take place at the main entrance at the designated location.  Upon entry a questionnaire will be completed regarding some basic contact questions relative to COVID-19.   Please keep in mind, you must wear a facial covering or mask, gloves and your temperature will be taken.  The Municipal Building will continue to provide limited access to the general public.  

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